Every mining ventilation product, manufactured by DU Technologies (DU) meets, among other performance characteristics, the strict flame-retardant requirements of the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MHSA).

Ventilation ducts can be made in several configurations; for example:

1. Positive Pressure Flat Ducting. Manufactured to be suspended from the mine ceiling. Ventilation ducting can be customized to meet your specific needs, in diameter (up to 10 feet), various lengths and fastening hardware.

2. Wire reinforced spiral welded ducting. Made specifically for positive and negative pressure applications. Fully customizable, for diameters up to 48”, as well for various lengths and fastening hardware.

Mining Crib Support Bags. DU uses premium coated and laminated fabrics. Since there are many customizable components and unique customer requirements, every support bag is manufactured specifically for the individual application or as specified by the installing contractor.

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