Experienced, and dedicated to customer satisfaction, DU Technologies (DU) offers complete sub-contracted manufacturing for non-apparel sewn and welded soft goods products.

Our range of expert services include:

  • Prototype sampling and unique pattern making
  • Diversified Sewing, Radio Frequency (RF) and Hot Air welding capability
  • Complete fabric cutting room capability
  • Fasteners and various fastening solutions, grommets and eyelets
  • DU delivers high quality and consistent workmanship with every job.

DU specialize in custom design and production of high-quality sewn products. Our manufacturing and R&D facility is state-of-the-art equipped and capable of producing specialty non-apparel products for use by the Military, First Responders, Medical Emergency to Personnel, Aviation, Mining and General Purpose. We take each job from product development to manufacturing and distribution, with every order delivered on time with the highest quality standards.

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DU has been intimately involved with numerous proprietary projects and understands our client’s needs. We can provide solutions and peace of mind by converting your ideas, concepts or requirements into a final product that will meet your requirements by:

  • Providing the most efficient process/product design for optimal material, design and processes
  • Offering a competitive manufacturing alternative MADE IN THE USA
  • Implementing production lines that are flexible and are set up to accommodate short lead times or emergency deliveries.
  • Providing logistical support including freight routing, specialized packaging and expedited shipments. DU production lines are outfitted with full service cutting, sewing and welding equipment, capable of high levels of output and using all types of materials, including:
  • Mil-Spec, Mil-Perf or ASTM’S specialty fabrics in various weights
  • Laminated and Coated polyesters, nylons, various denier Cordura’s
  • Nylon, vinyl, foam, plastics, synthetics, neoprene, rubber
  • Webbing, cords, hook and loop and various metallic or non-metallic fasteners

Our production can accommodate a variety of different products, based on customers’ requirements in small, as well as large production runs, using a variety of specialized sewing and welding equipment. Some of the products manufactured include:

• Transport bags in various sizes • Accessory bags • Duct bags and return ducts filters • Port covers
• Reinforced cases • Protective curtains • Tent accessories and bags
• Utility handbags • Tool handbags • Hunting/fishing bags • Industrial products
• Covers and tarpaulins • Medical purpose bags • General purpose bags