Since 2003, DU Technologies (DU) has been committed to providing outstanding customer service and to produce high-quality products for a variety of industries and markets.

about-usDU’s product line and services include:

  • Flexible Non-metallic Ducting for various HVAC and high-temperature applications
  • Mining Cribs and Ventilation, Lay Flat or Wire-reinforced Ducting
  • Military Specification Ducting for field HVAC application and various Aircraft requirements
  • General and Military Commercial Aviation ducting for Ground support and Ventilation
  • Various Sewn, or RF Welded Accessories such as duct transport bags, tarpaulins, hard wall shelter connectors, soft wall shelter connecting boots to various military vehicles, medical bags made from various commercial and/or standard fabrics and materials.
  • A variety of athletic training equipment and accessories
  • Engineering and Custom Design Services related to DU’s product lines

We proudly manufacture each product at our New Jersey manufacturing facility.

Our line of products and engineering design services have a dynamic range of utilization for institutional, commercial, private, military and industrial facilities.

DU has the unique technical and manufacturing capability to produce standardized products, as well as custom designs according to your specifications.