DU Technologies (DU) manufactures and supplies Ground Support Ducting to the US Navy, Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and other military echelons. Based on our knowledge and expertise in developing and producing high performance military ducting for more than 12 years, DU has extended its military product line to provide the same quality and performance ducting to the Commercial Aviation Industry.

The Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA) duct systems manufactured by DU use the Safety Yellow 17 and 22 Oz/sq.yd PVC- coated fabric. Other high-performance fabrics are available to meet customer’s specific needs. Our insulated PCA ducts conform to the SAE AS38386 specification and meet the following criteria:

  • High pressure testing: 20 PSI or higher
  • High-temp testing: 2 hours at 250° F
  • Tensile-load testing: + 250 LBS
  • Fire Resistance in accordance with FED-STD-191, Method 5904
  • Low-temp testing: -60°F
  • UV, Fungus and Mildew resistance
  • 1,000-cycle abrasion-resistance testing

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Our welded PCA duct product line is available in 8”, 10”, 12”, 14” or 16” ID, and up to 75 feet in length. Several lengths can be coupled together, using either a hook and loop closure system, PVC or metal couplers with screw clamps or T Bolt clamp system or zipper attachments.

The PCA ducts produced by DU can be insulated or non-insulated and can be supplied in Lay-Flat roll-ups or collapsible wire reinforced styles. DU is producing a variety of accessory products to complement and enhance our existing duct systems:

  • Flexible elbow couplings to prevent duct kinking and collapsing.
  • Specialized adapters to connect various diameter ducts or connectors.
  • Short starter ducts that clamp onto ECUs (Low Temp PVC coated fabrics) and heaters (Hi Temp Silicone coated fabrics)
  • 8-inch diameter connectors, which facilitate the attachment of the lay-flat, wire-wound or memory ducting to the aircraft.
  • Disposable Drag Vest for PCA protection against excessive wear and tear.